A little love for our friends in Bellevue

grilling ordinance
The Insurance Dogger mans the grill… in honor of her Bellevue neighbors!

It seems that in the borough of Bellevue, there is now legislation in place that requires you grill at least 5 feet away from any flammable materials – your house, shed, woodpile, deck, etc.  As you can imagine, the ordinance has “sparked” a number of protests.  It’s also made the news.      A LOT     OF NEWS      It’s also spawned mock-up products and even a Facebook Page.

Far be it from us to cast judgment on the merits of such a law.  That much should be obvious.  Were we still living in Bellevue, as you can see from the picture, the Dogger and I would be in obvious violation of the law.  Which leads us to the other purpose of today’s post – a couple simple tips on grilling safety.  These aren’t formal or scientific – you can find those things here.  This is basic common sense.

  1. If you have a gas grill, always check to make sure that your lines are tightly secured, and aren’t cracked.
  2. If using charcoal, don’t spray on a ridiculous amount of lighter fluid.  Using sparingly and light carefully.
  3. If using a gas grill, don’t lean down and try to look in and see if it’s lit.  Give it a couple seconds – you’ll know if it’s lit or not.  If not, shut the valve off and try again.
  4. Keep the lid closed unless you need to open it.
  5. Keep flammable materials away from the hot grill.
  6. If dripping grease causes a flare up, close the grill.  Do NOT spray with water, as this will spread the grease out and could cause an explosion.  Don’t believe it? – watch this.  If the flame gets out of control, shut the gas off at the controls, then at the tank, with the lid closed the whole time.  Keep a fire extinguisher handy in case it’s needed.
  7. When shutting off a gas grill, make sure the hand controls up top AND the valve on the tank are COMPLETELY closed and the hoses are secured to the tank.  Even a slight gas leak can be explosive, and extremely dangerous, as propane is heavier than air and will take a long time to dissipate.
  8. When disposing of charcoal, make sure that it has burned COMPLETELY out – this can often take quite a lot of time.  Always dispose of all ash and remaining coal, again, AFTER it’s burned completely out.
  9. Don’t ever cover ANY grill while it’s still hot.  Give it time.

That’s all for today.  Coming very soon – part 4 of how NOT to save on your insurance, and what you should’ve done.

Be safe, and enjoy your summer!

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A writer who travels... a traveler who writes... I'm just a guy who seeks adventure, authenticity, and to promote intelligence and maturity in these wild and crazy times.

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